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Originally Posted by Kyle_Human View Post
It's ranger. That's what ranger is. There is no other. Not even a shadow of one, just imaginations.
No it's not ... only your "A1000 tower" is imagination.

When we talk about the "ranger chipset", we are talking about the last chips designed by Jay Miner. Here AGAIN his interview from 1988:
Cost reduction is in itself a technical improvement by definition, and slow ram was proven a very good idea.
No it definitely has proven to be a terrible idea. For obvious reasons.
Making it real FastRAM would have cost only cents.
Making it real ChipRAM would have added no costs to the board at all (as the A500plus proves)

It opened the doorway to higher chipram capable agnes as a plugin upgrade, the connections are already there.
They had TWO YEARS to modify Agnus (NOT Agnes) to support more than 512KB, but did not manage do so...
So calling Commodore beging its typical incapable self "opening the doorway" is ridiculous.

Without the slowram revision the A2000 would have been permanently with only 512k chipram. Good luck video toasting with that.
??? How did slow ram help with video editing?

The daughterboard isn't for system ram, and it isn't because of some mythical 128K version of the A1000.
Really: please stop telling all that nonsense here.
It is not so hard to get some correct informations about the history of the Amiga. I really don't understand, what your goal is, bringing up all that fake news..

There ist nothing "mystical" about a 128kB version - that is what Commodore was seeing in the original Apple Mac 1984. So management thought: if it works for Apple, it will work for us.
Not recognizing that the original Mac was close to useless because of the lack of RAM (it got upgraded to 512KB in 85).
And not understanding that colour needs more RAM than just one monochrome bitplane ...

So the A1000 case and motherboard size was not planned big enough.
It is actually smaller than the A500 board.
(The A1000 is wider than it is deep ... so it would have been no problem to make it more square and gain some space...)

Also the space under the Floppy-Drive is almost empty in the original board revision ... later that space is used to get rid of the piggyback-board.

The reason that the WCS lives on a daughterboard is the A1000 glue takes up too much space.
no - is just because it was not planned to hold that amount of RAM.
(See above)
Or to have a "WCS" at all, since that was planned as ROM ...

It's wrong to say Los Gatos didn't design Gary because of not knowing about CIA chips, because at the time Commodore bought Amiga the chipset was nowhere near finished, and Commodore themselves finished it. Before Commodore there was only TTL breadboards, no chips.
Again: please stop spreading this nonsense here.
just some posts above you were told, that Amiga managed to integrate it's chips already before the purchase.

These chips where manufactured by a different manufacturer (Synertek) and where demonstrated in public.

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