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Originally Posted by Gorf View Post
So you are telling us now, that Jay Miner was right out lying about his work?
And everyone else working with him too?
All the Los Gatos people ever said is they were working on something called a ranger. That they were, an A1000 chipset machine in a tower with slots, bearing no resemblance to the rumour version. This still exists and it's whereabouts are known, with the owner having put pictures up of it online.

Originally Posted by Gorf View Post
sure ...
what "improvements" would that be?

please stop trolling - seriously!
A500 brought a lot of improvements.

If you look at A1000, it's across not only a motherboard but also a daughterboard, and has lots of 74xx and PALs everywhere. A500 compressed this down to one board by replacing all that glue logic with Gary chip, making the whole computer half the price. It also gave Angus the 512K slow ram capability. Those are the two most famous improvements, but they're worth paying particular attention because the Los Gatos people were actually against doing them. Go figure.

People think the original Amiga design team were some geniuses who would've lead you to the promised land if they weren't betrayed by evil commodore. They think that they're supergeniuses like tony stark or something. Really they were just average joes who had some ideas before other people did. Once they'd implemented those ideas they were no better than anyone else, they were mostly just young people still learning. Which is why the original chipset wasn't even finished by Los Gatos people.

I mean seriously they were trying to put the entire analog video circuit inside Denise. Los Gatos weed hookup must have been amazing.
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