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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
Hmmm, not sure. Definitely beyond me anyway as the game itself is 250k lines of hand-crafted asm. Perhaps someone has already looked at it - there are a variety of patches out there. I would imagine it could be done relatively easily in a similar fashion to FFE in that the narrative was parallel to the standard play, rather than an enforced path.
Yeah, my thoughts exactly.
It doesn't have to be any more handy crafted then regular missions you get (transports, assassinations, bombing... etc), but with big, connected storyline (just a text really), and much harder difficulty.
It would be amazing if someone could do it.

Originally Posted by Glen M View Post
If you want a really good space based story driven game check out Freelancer on the PC from 2003. I've played it through a few times. Graphics are dated these days but its a good solid game.
Yeah, ofcourse I know Freelancer and played it.
But thanks for recommendation, as someone here maybe didn't played it.
It's amazing game, very easy to get into, nice storyline, and I could even argue that graphics are outdated, as it still looks beautiful to me.
Galaxy on Fire 2 was also amazing for me (Android version), and I think it's now free to play.
Privateer too.

Originally Posted by Gordon View Post
Been trying frontier today after following some guides. Is there any need for manual control ? I ask becuase auto pilot just takes you everywhere in one piece.
As Glen M pointed out, once you start doing missions, a manual controls will be needed, and it's fun.
Did you decide what fraction you will follow?
It still early for you to decide... but let me tell ya ... come and join our Imperial greatness! You will be able to earn ton's of cache, while helping us defeat them liberal Federation! You will be like brother to us, and no one will stand in our way! Decide wisely, and earn respect from our queen, and gratitude of our people! What do you say bro?
Now it's the time to be extreme!
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