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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post

Thankfully, I never had issue with neutron stars, from first time I saw one and was awed by its beauty. It is one of fun things in this game, and with my Anaconda having range of over 80ly, over 320ly jump makes for quick travel. Only issue with Conda is that you can't access outposts (M landing pads), that is why I prefer going in small DSX. (Also much cheaper rebuy)

Are you using Voice Attack, Inara, EDDB and EDSM?

Here is my travel map....
I'm just winging it and finding my own way. Currently sat on a rock orbiting some star near the top of the galaxy. I like to fly my own path through the stars and make some discoveries along the way. Not found too much of interest this time yet though, mostly just geologicals but did hit one nice biological patch of those pumpkin looking things.

I've only blew up once in the tail of a neutron but have a fairly good system now for supercharging.

If I am using one of those sites for help it'd generally be inara or eddb but for exploring as I say I just like to go get lost
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