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Originally Posted by Glen M View Post
I've done it before in the Orca. Got 2 repair modules fitted and currently landed about 8k ly out repairing everything. I can happily run the Neutron highway. The control panel on the ship just sparks a few times but it'll be fine .

Thankfully, I never had issue with neutron stars, from first time I saw one and was awed by its beauty. It is one of fun things in this game, and with my Anaconda having range of over 80ly, over 320ly jump makes for quick travel. Only issue with Conda is that you can't access outposts (M landing pads), that is why I prefer going in small DSX. (Also much cheaper rebuy)

Are you using Voice Attack, Inara, EDDB and EDSM?

Here is my travel map....

Big triangle is Colonia - Center of Galaxy (Blackhole) trip. Most of outside of bubble travel was trips for materials and guardian sites visits (got all of that unlocked) and small expedition I did to unlock that badge.

Got 49 out of 71 badges unlocked.

I should probably log and join some expedition. Those are always fun.

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