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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
Orca is bit too big ship for task and does not allow you to use Colonia Highway. (I think only 1 or 2 stations might support docking for Orca) Hopefully you have enough repair modules and don't need to utilize Neutron Star route. Good luck. It was fun to go there and back, specially after realizing that I did not unlock one of pre-requisite engineers.

I might boot Elite just to find out where I left off... (IIRC, I was about 2K ly away from bubble, exploring)
I've done it before in the Orca. Got 2 repair modules fitted and currently landed about 8k ly out repairing everything. I can happily run the Neutron highway. The control panel on the ship just sparks a few times but it'll be fine .

Originally Posted by Gordon View Post
Been trying frontier today after following some guides. Is there any need for manual control ? I ask becuase auto pilot just takes you everywhere in one piece.
For travelling between systems or planets there isn't really any need for manual controls. Just hit auto and away you go.

Once you get further into the game and start doing missions you'll use manual control a lot more. Assassination or bombing missions are my favourite. Get a feel for flying and once your confident try landing manually on a few planets just take it slow. Its worth at least once trying to fly to a planet manually, just bring a lot of fuel.
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