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Originally Posted by lilalurl View Post
What happened to the other settlers? Are they sick because of Covid-19?
It is rare that you get trolled by mod... Shut up, working and posting is not best combination, specially considering how illiterate and dyslectic I am.

Originally Posted by Glen M View Post
I'm back playing Elite Dangerous, currently on my way out to Colonia for some fun all be it taking the scenic route and doing some exploring along the way. Travelling in style in my long range Orca. Sporting 55ly range, I could get that up but I love my level 5 engineered dirty drive and my 500m/s cruising speed. Nothing like darting along a long valley in a newly discovered world plus that extra drive power helps with those high G worlds.

Feel free to look me up in game CMDR unite_81

Safe flying commanders
Orca is bit too big ship for task and does not allow you to use Colonia Highway. (I think only 1 or 2 stations might support docking for Orca) Hopefully you have enough repair modules and don't need to utilize Neutron Star route. Good luck. It was fun to go there and back, specially after realizing that I did not unlock one of pre-requisite engineers.

I might boot Elite just to find out where I left off... (IIRC, I was about 2K ly away from bubble, exploring)

Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
Cool, I'm CMDR Daedalus2097, but I haven't really had any time for playing in recent times. Last time I logged in I was in my modestly engineered Cobra, still my favourite ship of them all!
My favorite ships were based on purpose:
Fighting - Viper Mk III (made first million with that one )
Exploration - Diamondback Explorer, at times also used for ancients site visit and material gathering
Mining - Python - not sure why, but I always prefered this ship for this purpose.

Here is link for my fleet, not sure if you guys can see it.

Originally Posted by d4rk3lf View Post
Too bad David Braben never created some sort of campaign, either for Frontier, First Encounter, and Elite Dangerous (haven't played ED, but I understood it doesn't have). Strangely enough, first Elite had campaign (at least, I consider these few missions sort of campaign).
And it would be so little work (I assume) to add like 10-20 custom made, (very hard) missions with maybe few twists, and of course, everyone who finish all of them, could continue and play as long as he/she wants.
Or 10 missions for Imperials and 10 for Federation, with a grand finale against Thargoids!

I like the "news stuff" from First Encounter very much.... it's so fun to read, while traveling between systems.. yeah FF had some sort of campaign, but I am not sure if I could call it campaign.

How hard would it be to add custom missions on Frontier Amiga with some mods?
I still think that missions on original frontier and powers and your ability to participate in ED is sufficient and takes time to finish - prosper. I think current balance is fine with missions, ability to get special weapon from power you align with and ability to prosper as pirate or hunter is great.
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