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Originally Posted by d4rk3lf View Post
Too bad David Braben never created some sort of campaign, either for Frontier, First Encounter, and Elite Dangerous (haven't played ED, but I understood it doesn't have). Strangely enough, first Elite had campaign (at least, I consider these few missions sort of campaign).
And it would be so little work (I assume) to add like 10-20 custom made, (very hard) missions with maybe few twists, and of course, everyone who finish all of them, could continue and play as long as he/she wants.
Or 10 missions for Imperials and 10 for Federation, with a grand finale against Thargoids!

I like the "news stuff" from First Encounter very much.... it's so fun to read, while traveling between systems.. yeah FF had some sort of campaign, but I am not sure if I could call it campaign.

How hard would it be to add custom missions on Frontier Amiga with some mods?

If you want a really good space based story driven game check out Freelancer on the PC from 2003. I've played it through a few times. Graphics are dated these days but its a good solid game.

As for frontier mods I'd love to see someone introduce better controls for the ship to emulate those in ED. The game operates on Newtonian physics (at least I think it does) so I don't see why vertical and lateral thrust couldn't also be added. Easier said than done of course!
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