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Originally Posted by d4rk3lf View Post
Too bad David Braben never created some sort of campaign, either for Frontier, First Encounter, and Elite Dangerous (haven't played ED, but I understood it doesn't have).
Yeah, it might have been nice, though I never missed it. ED does have occasional curated events, but I don't really think having an outright campaign was ever the planned focus of the games.
Strangely enough, first Elite had campaign (at least, I consider these few missions sort of campaign).
FFE has a campaign as such, or a story built around missions, which is optional. I wasn't bothered with it and just played it as I did Frontier.
How hard would it be to add custom missions on Frontier Amiga with some mods?
Hmmm, not sure. Definitely beyond me anyway as the game itself is 250k lines of hand-crafted asm. Perhaps someone has already looked at it - there are a variety of patches out there. I would imagine it could be done relatively easily in a similar fashion to FFE in that the narrative was parallel to the standard play, rather than an enforced path.
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