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Elite / Frontier / Elite Dangerous discussion

Another vote for Frontier here. If you're finding it a little to overwhelming, Glen M's advice is an excellent starting point to get you started building up your funds. There's an awful lot of depth to the game, which is what makes it so brilliant, and once you start playing it and are comfortable in the relatively safe systems, you can start to look at more of the details and really appreciate it. For example, the reason that some routes like the ones mentioned are safe to fly and you're extremely unlikely to be attacked, is that they're rich, high population, high security systems which means they're well policed. To speed up your earnings, you can sell non-essential things like your laser, and even your atmospheric shielding if you intend to only dock at orbital stations. this will give you a few more tonnes of cargo space, and you can do without weapons until you start to wander a little away from those systems. Just don't trade in illegal goods (yet)... Also, keep your docking computer - manual docking is fine once you get the hang of it, but it does take a while to master and will only frustrate you.

The systems themselves will give you an idea of what are good trade routes. Sol, and other systems with outdoor worlds, will generally have cheap food and other natural products, and systems without any such worlds will import them, thus trading fruit and veg, meat, tea, alcohol (if it's legal) will let you earn a modest, regular income. and similarly, going the other direction from high tech systems to farming systems will usually offer good profits in technology like computers, robots, farm machinery etc. Luxury goods often make tidy profits, but be careful because they can be illegal in some places. For more detail, check the system information in the galaxy map - that will tell you exactly what's imported, exported and illegal.

The bulletin board also offers money- and rank-earning one-off jobs. Just be careful, if they're offering a lot of money, there's usually a reason for it. If it's too good to be true, it usually is, and before you know it you'll find yourself hunted down relentlessly for transporting messages for a mafia boss.

I spent hundreds (if not thousands) of hours in Frontier over the years and still love it! As was mentioned, the modern incarnation Elite: Dangerous is excellent too, and that too has absorbed me for hundreds of hours. It plays very similarly, but with absolutely stunning graphics and a multiplayer element. Anyway, enjoy Frontier, and if you have any hassle, there are plenty of fans on here who'd be glad to answer any questions!

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On a slightly different note I don't know how you lot are getting so much "free" time. I for one have to work from home plus I've got 2 kids to home school. I think I'll actually have less time to play games.
Yeah, I'll likely be working from home at least some of the time from next week, and with a toddler around the place, won't be getting any bonus free time for playing games
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