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Originally Posted by AmiGer
	moveq #0,d0
	moveq #256/8-1,d6
.filll:	move.l d0,(a3)+
	move.l d0,(a3)+
	dbf d6,.filll
you should take a look at the moveq commands in the decrunch routine, its better to use moveq.l, otherwise you could get a problem (.w is the deault I think).

Is it right, that you need just 256 additional Bytes behind the destination memory ?
Moveq has no size. It is always longword size. So if you have any moveq.w or moveq.l in your sources you should correct them

And yes, I only need 256 bytes because the JumpTbl is so small that a +/-128 byte offset is enough.

About the cruncher: It works perfectly for me! I tried both IFF files and executables. I will do some more tests, if you check maybe your browser cache so you didn't get the old file again? The file SCXcrunch should be 6032 bytes long and SCXdecrunch.S should be case sensitive.

Thanks for the feedback anyh00!
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