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Originally Posted by AmiGer
It seems that the first unpacked byte is messed up (see example).
It has to be 48 not e8 in my case !?
Grr... mumble... I thought I fixed that, because I had that problem, corrected it, and the decrunched file worked Will correct it.
Originally Posted by AmiGer
- at least disable the interrupts before decrunching to prevent crashes
That would be the safe way to start a "normal" demo, yes. BUT:
1) what if the decrunched program wants to have interrupts on, for example load a file of its own?
2) what if the decrunched program disables interrupts itself? I seem to remember two disables in a row would cause a Guru, but I may be wrong, please advise in that case.
3) if a Disable() is necessary because the deruncher overwrites low memory, it will hang on exit instead.

If you have a good idea to make it perfect, please suggest it!

Originally Posted by AmiGer
- make the source/assembler case sensitive (.jumptbl)
I personally think case sensitive compilers/assembler are spawns of the brainchild of Satan, but it's easy to fix, so I'll fix it.

Cool, thanks for the suggestions!
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