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Originally Posted by Sp_ View Post
A 12bit/24bit c2p use the last 2 bitplanes as a static mask. in Ham mode. The Mask represent wich color to change at each pixel (RGBB)
Can't you do on aga similar to what can be done on ocs/ecs?

In other words: turn on the HAM bit but turn on only 4 bitplanes. This will initiate the HAM mode in which 4 dma channels will be used for bpldat1-4 while bpldat5 and bpldat6 will be used as a pattern. Simply fill them once and that's it.

If I remember it correctly I did something similar in B2 for the morphing globe routine. I used HAM with 5 bpls activated and filled the bpldat6 with a pattern. This way I saved some dma accesses. I used HAM to fill the horizontal lines.

I think HAM with 4 bpls will also work. Maybe HAM works even with fewer bpls, but this gives you nothing speed wise because 4 channel dma is always dedicated for screen. (Toni feel free to correct me if I am wrong...)
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