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Originally Posted by andreas View Post
Well, coyote & Toni...

I feared to write some nonsense, hence I had to wait a bit longer...

But Toni indeed mentions extra halfbrite (EHB) mode in the beta log!

Sooo...coyote could it be that your demo which uses the 7-bitplane trick cannot work on a real Amiga 1000 then?
At least the early models - I have one of those, far away from my home atm - were NOT able to do EHB. (iirc)
Technically it has nothing to do with EHB. Denise confuses 7 planes (which does not exists) with EHB mode which is 6 planes, max supported in OCS/ECS.

Demo only uses 5 planes, 6th plane is blank = no EHB effects used.

But there is still possibility that A1000 does not support this hack, with or without EHB capable Denise because this hack expects side-effect both from Agnus (7 planes is identified as 4 plane mode DMA cycle diagram) and Denise (7 planes = 6 plane mode enabled)

A1000 Agnus isn't exactly same internally as Fat Agnus versions. (highly unlikely there are internal bitplane function changes but better test it..)
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