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Hi DamienD,
thanks, I hope the guide is useful.
This is the forum where Amiga remains alive even on PC x86 x64 and where there are experts and less experienced people.
The guide is aimed at both categories.
When it comes to AmigaOS 3.9, speech becomes difficult because there are many variations.
So the guide is to install AFAOS (version 4.8) on a system based on AmigaOS 3.9
There are many schools of thought on the type of installation that can be done.
This little guide is created to be as compatible as possible with the software and games and video you use.

I hope it is useful. Indeed I hope that anyone can modify and suggest the necessary improvements that can be made to this mini-guide.

Because AFAOS deserves to be used.

At the end of the guide we will have installed 3.9 with boing 1-2-3-4 with AFAOS 4.8 libraries necessary to run most games and software with WHDLoad using a 040 or a 060 with JIT etc.
Without encountering installation problems and system blockages.
Eventually each person can then make the changes he prefers with the system started up and running.
Making your own experience.
On the contrary, it would be nice to further improve this guide with the experience of the most experienced AFAOS users for a long time.
Alleghero 2 configuration files for winUAE one for the first installation in order to avoid system blockages.
And another for the use of the definitive system once everything is installed.

For those who prefer can download a compressed 30gigabyte .hdf blank ready to be used in the size of 1.6 gigabytes with SFS / 02 compatible with 3.9 / AFAOS.

Or use a personal .hdf with the filesystem you prefer.

Ok I hope it's useful, it would be nice to improve it further together.
I prefer videos, these are much clearer and simpler.

Thanks, the time to post the videos, unfortunately I do not have a video camera to make a single video, so I will divide it into several parts.
The important and that it works.
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