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Originally Posted by Hobbe View Post
See it like this. By the time the game Doom came out, the highest-end PC could run it at full speed with every setting turned on to max. The highest-end Amiga, source port provided, would have barely displayed a thumbnail slideshow.
I've just done this little [ Show youtube player ] of my 030 equipped 1200 playing DOOM (with music).

Although it's doing an amazing job considering the chipset was never designed to do this kind of thing it's still slower than my old 386 PC used to run it (and this is with an 030 @ 50mhz not an 020 @ 14mhz).

I think the Amiga 1200 would have need a built-in Akiko type chip and a faster 020 (or preferably an 030) to have kept up with the PC's in 93.
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