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Originally Posted by TMR View Post
You're both making fairly bold claims about how much more difficult the Amiga is than the C64 so are you basing that verdict on experience with both...?
Experience. Believe me the C64 is a doddle for a hobbyist programmer compared to the Amiga. If you want to make decent games for a plain A500 you need to understand a lot more than for a C64. I'm surprised anyone would try to construe Amiga programming as simple as writing for 64.

That's equally true with the 8-bit systems, working within their restrictions require lots of planning and a good control of the chips, but the Amiga has the option of high level languages which make those jobs easier where the 8-bits don't.
You can equally program in C on the 64 if you want to. But using high level languages on either system is a massive waste of cycles.

Originally Posted by Akira
People are whining all the time about "why is this or that not made if it seems feasible or why this game wasn't converted if it was possible"... you know what? You are right, but nobody actually GOES AND DOES IT and that's why you don't have it.
I think that's a strawman, because nobody is whining. Asking a question isn't moaning. I don't mind the slow trickle of Amiga games, really. The Amiga has so much PD software already it'd take an age to try every one.

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