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Akira, I think people are misunderstanding me and assuming I'm wanting to avoid learning the more technical side of things. I'm not, but it'd be far easier to visualise if in a tutorial they could say "In a game this would be used like so...." or "This is used to do this which in a game would do this". Just somehow link what's happening on screen to game making, even if it's highly simplified.

Also, I don't think game design is the issue. If you know clearly what you want then the game is designed. Implementing it is the hard part.

Additionally, I think that statements like "Someone who cannot realize the transferable skills present in a tutorial based on the creation of demos, maybe should reconsider making games for Amiga". That sounds very much like "If you're not smart enough then tough" and maybe that's partly why the homebrew scene isn't as strong as it could be?

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the feedback and I'm not having a go at you or anyone, but if I ask someone how to make soup and they give me a recipe for stew and say "it's pretty much the same". Why not just be specific and give me a recipe for soup in the first place?

It all seems just a bit cryptic and feels like you have to get from A to B via Z.
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