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Galahad/FLT - That's interesting, "Idiot", that's what i'd call you, but i'd add "fucking" before it - so, let me do it for you, as you're intelligence level is quite obviously = low ... Fucking Idiot, ok?

Galahad/FLT = Fairlight? why don't you just put 'Fairlight' instead of your shite abreviation FLT ... fucking muppett!

now let's do it in chorus you fucking idiot! You have absolutely no understanding of my post ... you side with idiots, because you are 'an idiot'.

Steve = Fuck off and join the pricks
7-Zark-7 = BIG BIG Prick, fuck off
Drake1009 = Some respect retained, at least you didn't flame me, thanks mate, appreciated

message to 'twats' Throw me off EAB if you like ... but do that and retain your moronic status. You are real fucking pricks and i want nothing to do with you!!!! FUCK OFF!
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