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Hi Guys,

Received an email off Paul's mum Patricia on Sunday

Originally Posted by Patricia
Hi Mark

Thought you might be interested to know that Paul's niece was christened on Sunday via Paul's font! Have attached a photo. Paul was mentioned as well as EAB. I know Elizabeth was 1 on 8th and would have been christened earlier but getting a date when everyone could be there was a problem. Would you believe that on 9th March Paul will have been gone for 2 years. Time flies.

Look at EAB occasionally. Very sorry to hear about your Dad. He seemed a very nice person when we met him nearly 2years ago. I lost my mother when I was 13 (many years ago) but have never forgotton her. Time heals but memories are always there.

Anyway, ignore my ranting on and please feel free to disgard photos and email. Just thought you would like to know that the font is being well used. (Being a grandma seems strange - Elizabeth has got a lot of Paul in her!)
the photo's are quite big so in the Zone
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