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Originally posted by KombatSanta
well something that could be interesting for non scandinavians is what points some games scored in a review or how absolutely fabolous some covers are
I totally agree. Some magazine covers, especially those in the late 80s are hilarious. The 'Vixen' cover is soo good. Leopard legwarmers and big peroxide hair. There's also the 'Lili & Sussie' cover...eew!

Actually, most of the articles and reviews in DMZ are total crap. The major part of the reviews are written by amateurs, and just doesn't make sense. It was a cheap mag, and you got what you paid for. The ads are fun though - that's the reason I re-read them sometimes.

After a long hiatus, I bought the final issue of DMZ sometime in '94. They had gone PC at that time, but I think there was a 'walk down memory lane' type of article where every DMZ issue was listed with cover and all, albeit at a small size. If I still have it I could scan that article..
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