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Command to list chipRAM, fastRAM and slowRAM

Hello, is there a command which displays the amount of chipRAM, fastRAM and slowRAM?

When you boot in Workbench 3.1 the slowRAM is displayed as "other mem" and therefore if you have also fastRAM the "other mem" includes both the slowRAM and the fastRAM.

With Workbench 1.3 (kickstart 1.3) only "free mem" is given which includes both chipRAM and slowRAM (and fastRAM if available).

What I am looking for is a command that can tell me how specifically how much chipRAM, fastRAM and slowRAM I have.

For example I have an A500 with a 512MB RAM board and I want to see if this is detected as slowRAM or as chipRAM.
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