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Originally Posted by honx View Post
cf card in boot slot of aca500+ contains amiga formatted partitions WB3.1, Work and a 50mb WB1.3 partition.
so windows pc won't read that card as it doesn't have a "proper" file system which windows wants...
You can still clone the card; it doesn't matter what OS / partitions are on it; or if Windows can see them or not...

Read trixter's post again:

Originally Posted by trixster View Post
If you have a PC, download win32diskImager and use that to make an exact image of the cf card. Use a usb card reader to attach the cf card to the pc. Don’t try and access the cf card, just plug it in, launch win32diskimager and clone from the cf cards drive letter to a file on your hard drive.
Here's the full thread: How do I "clone" a CF to another CF? (Containing 3.1)
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