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OS4 Speed Performance ?

I posted this on a Linux forum, because i was a little confused as to why Linux takes so long to boot and even load in an application compared to the Amiga over the many years. Here is what i wrote -:

Why does Linux takes so long to boot, yet OS4.0 boots in something like 8 seconds & applications load in an instant? When i first started using Linux, i expected it to boot faster than Windows, but it boots far slower !?. Methinks that Linux is not very optimized ?.. Although i now use Linux 99% of the time anyway. Would never go back to Windows unless i am playing the odd game every now and again. But i was very disappointed with Linux initially.

I got the following for an answer -:

By OS4.0 you're talking about AmigaOS.
I've answered this for you before, but lets do it again.

The main grunt of the AmigaOS backend runs from ROM - booting from chips is a lot quicker than booting from a hard disk.
Add to that the default amiga boot is miniscule (because it doesn't actually load any programs - just the screen driver and file browser (Desktop) parts).
Compare that to what your linux system is doing - typically setting up many many applications and services - it'll likely take longer for a linux system resolve to a DHCP server than AmigaOS to boot - why?, because AmigaOS as a rule doesn't do that - if it did, it would take as long to perform that task.

To compare apples with apples, get a ROM based linux distro (there are a few around) and then get your amiga to run as many tasks and services (a tricky thing to do since the amiga was pretty much abandoned except for a hard core of enthusiasts years ago, so decent software is hard to come by) and see how well your amiga compares then.

So is he right?, is this the reason why our Amiga's have booted so quickly over the years, and why our applications almost load in an instant ?

Ive always been curious about this.
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