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Originally Posted by manicx
I wouldn't classify Megadrive as a shemups console.
Then you haven't used it as much as I. Shmup saturation is one of the things that pushed the Megadrive into death. There were as many shmups as you had platformers in the Amiga. There weren't that many arcade conversions done either, dunno where you take tihs from. And since when "coin op conversions" is a genre?
Originally Posted by keropi
I have to disagree... at the end, it makes no difference if 1 or 2 SEGA software departments could really utilize the full saturn power... the bottom line is that noone else could, so the system silently died... I have a saturn and I love it, but the truth is that sadly...
Sorry, but the date of death that you take into account is the US market one. Saturn kept going well, until it died in 2001, in Japan.
And the fact that it was not really good at 3D does not mean it should fail. What sort of bollocks is that? (bollocks for other thread surely, no need to go OT here )
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