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Kickstart problem with WHDload...

I've been having the hardest time trying to get the WHDload games that require a kickstart image to load. Most of them have been asking for "kick34005.a500", but occasionally there's one that asks for "kick40068.a1200" or "kick40068.a4000" (dunno why I'd need to softkick a1200 though, as I'm running this on a cd32).
After digging through previous threads, I downloaded the file "skick345.lha" from Aminet and extracted everything into my devs folder. I then took the kick roms off my Amiga Forever cd and renamed "kick130.rom" to "kick34005.a500" and "kick300.rom" to "kick40068.a1200" and copied those over to my devs\kickstarts folder.
After that, everytime I try to run a game that requires the kickstart image, it will quit back to Workbench telling me "invalid kickstart file". I get this same problem when trying to use WHDload in WinUAE, but these rom files work when I use them to boot floppy disks. Is there something I'm missing?
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