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Well personally, I have owned two A1200s, A500 and now own a CD32, an A1200 on the way and plans to acquire another A500.

I tried out winuae, sure. But why not? I paid for the roms already! I have perfectly good access to roms and workbench disks, but why should I go to all this bother to transrom them when I can nick somebody elses from limwire. Also, why should I re-buy something I already bought multiple times just cuz amiga wants to sell me that amiga forever hoo-haa.

Not tried amiga forever, didn't even waste the time downloading it. I'm sure its great, but as long as I have my amigas set up, I'm happy. My PC is a music PC and I dont wanna load tonnes of crap on there. Its a clean system.

My games machine is a PC games machine, that's it.

My brief emulating on the pc was exactly that: brief! Sod giving cloanto £50 so I can check if something works real quick before I burn it off to cd and put it on the amiga.

cloanto only makes money out of people like you and me - the old school who want to relive the old days. The day they put out something interesting and new and innovative is the day I'd pony up my cash, but until then, they can go to hell!
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