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Originally Posted by johnim View Post
Hi Jens any info on the c64 reloaded
legal side: ROMs licensed, all clear.

Prototype: Third prototype with modifications to the switch works: Now using the same switch as on Keyrah V2, so "Reset" functionality is in the power switch now. Restore key still has multiple meanings: Hold Restore key for "long" switches between kernal ROMs. Holding Restore key during reset will select alternative character set. I have introduced this to support Kernal/Character combinations that take care of local keyboard layouts and language-specific characters (I know of German and Swedish mods like this).

Circuit boards for mass-production are ordered, but not yet confirmed. A few other components also need to be confirmed - I expect to have that all by the end of the month.

Changes on the web shop also need to be ready before we can start the ordering phase. We're working on that - some of these changes will be added to the shop later this week.

In short: I expect to start the ordering phase for the C64 Reloaded next month.

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