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Regarding window_x/window_y, I now remember I use it to center FS-UAE on FS-UAE Launcher. It didn't turn up in the search because of a typo

Anyway; I couldn't reproduce any cut-off graphics with fullscreen_mode = fullscreen on OS X 10.9. But I don't have a retina screen either (which could be a prerequisite for the problem to occur). I suggest you remove the fullscreen_mode parameter to get the default fullscreen mode ("desktop").

Regarding Worms DC, it it were an "FS-UAE problem", you should see skewed graphics all the time - not depending on the game screen. Please try without any hacks / modifications to your WHDLoad install - I can see from the logs stuff are copied from Documents/FS-UAE/Hard Drives/WHDLoad, so check how the game works with this folder renamed/moved away!
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