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Amiga games (WIP / Released) index

Given the steady influx of new Amiga games that's coming these days, and the huge pain in the ass that is browsing/searching this board with a real Amiga (waiting for scripts to time out, you know), wouldn't it be convenient to have a thread that catches 'em all so that one can be sure she/he hasn't missed any of them (and I'm pretty sure I missed many of the them!)?
Of course it would, so here it is!
Game title			Author/DL page	Original EAB thread	
----------			--------------	-------------------
Solomon's Key			Asman		Solomon's Key from Atari ST ported
The I.A. of Moebius Goatlizard	spud		New Game: The Incredible Adventures of Moebius Goatlizard
IK				meynaf		Port of IK from the ST
Sqrxz 2				phx		Sqrxz 2 for AmigaOCS
Gravity Beam			MrD		Gravity Beam for A500
Agent Lux			AMIworx		New Amiga game: AGENT LUX
Sqrxz				phx		Sqrxz for Amiga 500
Joust				meynaf		What game would you like to be ported from the Atari ST?
Gauntlet			meynaf		What game would you like to be ported from the Atari ST?
Super Sprint			meynaf		What game would you like to be ported from the Atari ST?
Downfall			Remainder Soft.	Downfall - diary of a game...
Timebomb                        Coagulus        Timebomb - Amiga final release
Final Flight AGA                Lielo           Final Fight AGA
Gawhain                         AgonSeng        Gawhain - New RPG under development
Overflow                        bippym          Overflow: Pipemania Clone
Tales of Gorluth                viddi           Tales of Gorluth - an Action Adventure created with Backbone
Asgard Met Vikings              S.Kasparek      Asgard Met Vikings
Chaos Guns                      DaveSade        New Amiga game WIP - workname 'Chaos Guns'
JetHunt AGA                     Coagulus        JetHunt AGA - coming 2013...
The Game                        jayminer        The Game
Note: games are listed in descending release date.
NoteĀ²: should you spot some missing entries from the list, tell me and of course I'll update it!

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