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High-resolution games

I was just idly wondering if there is a list anywhere of high-resolution (640*200 or more) games? I can think of Citadel of Vras, Balance of Power, and Infocom and Magnetic Scrolls adventures, but that is about it.

I was surprised and annoyed at the time, and now, that 99% of games used 320*256 or less when the miggy is capable of considerably higher resolutions.

The reasons against are: (a) The details would be difficult to see on a TV, (b) the game would use more memory, (c) it would run more slowly, and (d) be limited to 16 colours (in the case of OCS/ECS). But there are a lot of games where it would still have been worthwhile, eg. most strategy, adventure, and RPG games. Probably (e) lazy ports from other machines was also a large factor, but use of low-res is common in Amiga-only games too.
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