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I made a quick try yesterday with the code that samurai crow provided.
It worked, kind of =)

The issue I'm having is that I can't save a map as .ABK. I think I got an old version of the tome-editor, version 3.something. I can't find the option so save as .ABK which is mentioned in the TOME IV Manual.

I think that's the reason that it doesn't work as I expected. Wrong tiles are displayed on screen, and it doesn't seem to be able to read the size of the map. the map was just 10 tiles high, but it plotted out 16 tiles high, so the map got scrambled. Then I changed the map to 16 tiles high, but when running code after that, it crashed, had to reboot the Amiga.

So i Changed this:
Rem Draw the initial map starting at top left
Screen Hide
For Y=0 to 256 Step 16

For y=0 to 144 step 16

It now worked, but the first part of the map was 10 tiles high, and the second part was 16 tiles high. And still wrong tiles. I could set the "Y-loop" up to 192 before crashing, adding 16 to the value each time.

So do anyone happen to have a later version of the TOME editor?(I have the version 4 tome libs), so I can save the maps as .ABK?

In the meanwhile I'll try to find out how to use the .map format with the code you kindly provided me with =)

Oh, and I had to change names on some of the variables, AMOS didn't like names containing "max" and "col"
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