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Hello all, Im wondering whether i have an supported version of IM2025. The whdload install didnt take all the files of my two floppies - only the ones in the root of each disk. The files within the "IM5data" directory weren't taken across.
Now i have a hacked copy as well as the original and in this case the dir is called "IM12data" but still, thats ones a hack - but it could be of a more common veriosn of the game.

I copied the files over from my normal (original) hard drive installation, but got the following after i input the copy protection number and press enter after the language selection screen.

Exception "Access Fault" ($4008)
PC = $6BEFDABC (ExpMem $8DABC)
Byte Read from $4EB96BF7

NOCACHE and NoAutovec made no difference, NoMMU caused
Error in OS emualtion module
subsystem: dos.library
error number: $FFFFFF70=-144

But thats my fault as i ignored the message as my 060 card uses a MMU.
And novbrmove caused a reboot! But again my fault as my VBR is in the Fast RAM

It is referenceing the same Kick40068.A1200.RTB file and Kick40068.A1200 ROM like Rise Of The Robots, Pirates Gold CD32 and Frontier - Elite 2 do - which all work.

Ive written to JFF in the meantime, but i've uploaded it in the Zone for others to try out, if anyone could have a go on a REAL Amiga and post here what happens, it would be muchos muchos appreciated!
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