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Yea, swapping the chip is pretty easy, and 3.1 looks really sweet with the 2320s. I use them in all my 2000s, and it really does provide a nice addition to the desktop and gaming environments.

Don't know if you would be interested, but a cat named Bloodwych has made some pre-configged Amiga installs all based on 3.x Workbench. If you don't feel like setting it up from scratch, you can find a number of really nice options, which you can then customize further if you like, located @ . It is definitely worth checking out. You will need Workbench 3.x install disks to get it up and running though.

Personally, I installed them all under UAE on my main system here, keeping each setup in its own hardfile like it comes. I just used the Workbench adfs / disks to config it up and get each setup I use running. Once you have a workable hardfile, it is quite easy to setup new Amiga drives from UAE. Much easier and faster than doing it on the real hardware. I just mount the hardfile I want to copy in my 3.9 setup, use the hdtoolbox of 3.9 to config and install new hard drives, including sfs, my filesystem of choice, and then just copy the ClassicWB setup out of the hard file to the new drive. The whole process from start to finish takes about 10 minutes.

Then ya just have to drop whdload and your games on it, which is also a lot easier to just copy over from the pc while the drive is still connected. FTP across the network is another nice option..

Anyways, good luck, and congratulation on moving to 3.1!
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