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not to mention the GDROM on the dreamcast, more proprietary lockin there, relatively pointless since it reads regular CDR

The (already mentioned) build quality of the PSX and the XBox, the former being unbelievably horrendus, I calcualted that I went through 14 units in my first 2 years of warrenty! it was on return 5 (in as many months) that I realised taking out 3 years cover warrenty was a good idea!

I remember getting one at 9:30 am only to take it back at 4:30 the same day... just absolute crappy cheap-o lasers!!.... I theorised like many others that the reason the PSX was so high in cost was to compensate for the 3 out of 5 return rate!


UMD on PSP's !? why not just got for a dvdrom that uses the smaller disks? simpler / cheaper and more practical.... oh... forgot.... sony proprietary lockin-feature...

I could of swore (a while back) that I read Sony were going to DROP UMD pattents etc ... hmmm musta read wrong..

The PS2 certainly has its faults, but I am surprised by this little monster, with it being 10 years old and STILL there are commercial games released for it.... what was it for M$ orignal XBox 4 or 5 years and then they droped it like a hotter than hot-rock.

shame the XBox is quite a capable little machine to be fair!


Mega CD

the first units would catch fire when runing low-frame movie from the rom (the motor couldn't handdle the use)


oh we could go on methinks lol

what I would like to see is a Design your own Console! website or sommink

where you can chose core processing / graphics achitectures etc... perhaps even make a game out it

Console Tycoon has been BORN!!!!

you start off small in the early 1980's with the tech at the time (including costs) and build it up past modern day!!!

you can give your consoles really goofy names like Wee.... oh wait... isn't that too close to the mark ?

can even go as deep as branding and marketing, investing in proprietary chips (that take time etc) etc I tell ya' Console Tycoon.... apearing in a a pop-cap game near you!!!
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