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Originally Posted by xpect View Post
September 1988 by 10:00h:

Entered store to buy Atari ST for music usage and because it had MIDI.

me: I want to buy an Atari ST because i want to record music on my new synth and want to plug it to MIDI
Sales person says to me: "We've got this new computer, the Amiga, which is excelent for music also." Put a demo on it, pupping sound being delivered from the monitor speakers and I thought: "No way! Is that SOUND coming from this computer?" Totaly sold.
Bought some (pirated, yes where sold on the store) games, and two boxes of blank disks
Left the store with a smile from ear to ear

Atari sucks!!!

Bottom line of this story?

Thanks sales person man!
Nice story xpect Mine is a bit shorter : Saw the Amiga at a friend and begged my parents to buy me one from then on When somebody showed me the ST some time later, I knew it was the right decision
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