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Well i have a vast Tee.Vee collection from Documentaries, Single Episodes, Full Seasons, some great and some just fantastic and work keeping for watching many years from then and now. Going to list just a few of my favorites Tee.Vee series in no particular order.

666.Park.Avenue, 12.Monkeys, Alcatraz, Alphas, Bates.Motel, Black.Sails, Blindspot, Boardwalk.Empire, Borgia, Breaking.Bad, Dolls.House, Elementary, A town Called Eureka, Falling.Skies, Fear.The.Walking.Dead, The Walking Dead, Firefly, Fringe, Game.Of.Thrones, Grand.Designs, Halt.And.Catch.Fire, Hannibal, Homeland, Lost, Marvels.Agents.Of.S.H.I.E.L.D, Mr.Robot, Peaky.Blinders, Person.Of.Interest, Quatermass.And.The.Pit, Randall.&.Hopkirk, ReGenesis, Ripper.Street, Sanctuary, Sarah.Connor.Chronicles, Stargate.Universe, The.Americans, The.Blacklist, The.Blacklist.Redemption, , The.Expanse, The.Man.In.The.High.Castle, The.Purge, The.Sopranos, The.Simpsons*, The.Walking.Dead, Travelers, Under.The.Dome, Vikings, Westworld, Z.Nation, Zoo.

*I have every single episode inc all the specials and all seasons 1/30 and await S031.

So thats amost all my favorite Tee.Vee Series More or Less.

ps: if your wondering about the "." in between the names its just old habbits AKA - The Scene Rules Thing.
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