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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
I think that Frontier learned from experience with Horizons, and since than they did not release 'paid' DLC, but you have tons of 'pay only' cosmetics now that you can apply to your ships. Apart from name tags, not interested in those, and got only cosmetics for 3 initial ships that was in commander pack that came with game bundle.

As for sim games with DLCs, aren't some fly simulators the same way - pay little to nothing for game, but to get planes, you have to purchase them. Same with guitar hero - iirc songs where more than $1k.

Just crazy gaming world...
Well let's add into the discussion how these days there are little to no modding tools, killing the whole sub-culture of user generated content such as maps and expansions, and even Total Conversions.

To a point, I dont mind story expansions so long as the content is worth it and optional. It's like paying for a sequel, and it's not new either. We used to pay for Duke packs and Quake expansions etc.

To see "Requires original game" on a box in the stores was no unknown.

So that's not new.

But seems the COST and value for money has become unbalanced and for me that's the issue.

The game used to be the main investment, and expansions would cost LESS than the price of a full game (as it should be).

These days it seems the initial game is just a gateway drug.
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