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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
Just as I've said, not case with GoG and will not be case with this, as soon as their subscription does not meet planned requirements.

How they will get around business is probably going to be very similar.

We lost quite few big sites in past year, didn't you notice?

You can be wrong, don't worry, we are all entitled to our opinions, no matter how wrong they are.
Gog is not Antstream, the two have differing aims. One sells games, one sells a streaming service... not the same.

And frankly, i'd be critiquing how Gog had any right to demand anything from anyone.

You also have no proof that they will operate the same.

Lost a few sites yet lots remain, same Playstation stuff, same SNES stuff, same NES stuff, same Megadrive stuff.... and yet all of the copyright holders of these Mini machines have done nothing.

Your supposition doesn't equate me being wrong. You still can't seem to grasp how Gog and Antstream have entirely different models of business.

We're not going to agree and i'm not going to keep on repeating myself.
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