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Let's be honest, that was really only secondary when Toni tried to give you a workaround. You weren't even aware that you could use this feature previously.

Also, so far it's only with that one archive; just add manually!!! End of story.

...and as LanceT investigated / explained:

Originally Posted by LanceT View Post
At Toni, this is what happens when I try to drag and drop these two files in to the CD & Hard drives window.
Because the zipped file has a file with the extension *.bin it is thinking that it's a Rom file.
Have noticed the same if a zipped file contain the extension *.rom within it, it will sometimes throw it to the Cartridge ROM File: location or the Main ROM File. (As a test I tried this on some mame game archives)
I'm not surprised, if an archive contains a .BIN or .ROM file.
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