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Panasonic JU-253-043P floppy drive - _RDY (READY) signal not asserted


I have an internal Panasonic JU-253-043P floppy drive that does not seem to assert a _RDY (READY) signal:

This has been tested on an A1200 rev 2B, but I don't think that is a factor.

The switches have been set correctly - the same as another working Panasonic JU-253-043P floppy drive on the same A1200, using the same power and data cables:

This floppy drive has had the usual heads cleaned and motor gear lubricated, but without the READY signal then we haven't reached that stage yet.

Using DriveTest shows that everything else is working OK, apart from the READY signal:

But since no _RDY signal is asserted, then DF0:???? is shown and X-Copy cannot therefore see a disk in DF0:

I will be looking to replace the 10uF 35V cap by the fly wheel, and I've still to check/compare the trimmer resistor with the working drive, but the fly wheel seem to be spinning at a decent speed:

and there is another yet to be identified cap on the rear board:

Can anybody provide any advice on the circumstances that would make a floppy drive not assert the _RDY (READY) signal?
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