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Originally Posted by AC/DC HACKER! View Post
No way, man. Once was it. Hahaha! I'm glad I ditched embarrassment many years ago.
Thanks, I now looked into it. Say, is this the HDToolBox from 3.1.4 or The former had a couple of legacy issues for "oddball" drives that do not support mode pages.

Is it right that you go to "add new drive type", then "read configuration", and then you see the strange config popping up? I tried to simulate this as best as I can with the drives I have, but results are consistent with drive capacity.

Could you report how the configuration looks like exactly? (sectors,heads,cylinders etc...)

Also, could you please try the following: Run Sashimi, then run HDToolBox up to the point where you would press "Read configuration", then start "SCSISnoop" (also on Aminet), run that on the device/unit this drive is attached to, and then press "ReadConfiguration"?.

The SCSISNoop output will appear in the Sashimi window, this is what I would need next.

Sorry for the back and forth.
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