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Originally Posted by Puggsy View Post
also i don't think they take donations of any kind. .
yeah I guessed that.
still waiting for an email reply... I'm offering to donate a lot for basically saving my life and making my life happy because of it!

right off the bat I would of just sent them/him £100 !!! not even kidding! how they got it to sync lock so good I don't know.

obviously back in the day I'd have to master the skill of running 2 x protracker 3.15's and adjusting the BPM on the main page every 10 patterns of so but with PT1210 I'm confident as soon as I hit play on both machines!

PT1210 is THE answer to protracker two-times sync! you do you work with the 2.3D/3.xx (which ever you prefer) and run it/record it on PT1210.

P1210 was designed for the DJing aspect but the lock is too good to ignore for that 8 track sensation! if you know what I mean
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