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Okay I'm stuck in anime mode here but I ran across another one that I fell in love with and it's quite topical when it comes to EAB: Hi Score Girl.

Imagine an anime series in which the characters are addicted to retro arcade machines and home consoles and actually play them in the show itself. Imagine that the first episode has Street Fighter 2 and Final Fight and even shows off some tricks you can do in them. Imagine that further episodes even have Mortal Kombat and Space Harrier and touch upon consoles such as the PC Engine.

Well - that's this friggin' Anime.

There is also some sappy high school romance stuff in there but it's actually fun to watch, the show has quite a lot of audio-visual humor with some odd characters, notably a love interest in the form of a rich girl who does not seem to speak at all and excels at any and all game she touches.

Ab-so-lute-ly love it.
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