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Originally Posted by S0ulA55a551n View Post
I can.t imagine this is an easy task. Going to guess protracker is written is assembler and there is no commented sourcecode.

Does protracker have any midi functionality at all?

Would think you would need to add at least one zero to the end of that to get people interested , you offering at best a few hours worth of work , its going to take a lot longer than that
yeah I get what you mean... so £640 !!! hmmm. I don't think it's worth it anymore, people don't have a lot of free time these days so yeah, not just about the money. Plus how would I know to trust some one well enough to not run away with the money and do nothing lol

No PT 3.xx never had MIDI. Only MED / OctaMED. I think another one had it actually, noisetracker 2? but it wasn't anything comprehensive. Just MIDI notes in or out, no Sync.

Think I'm just gonna have to stick with PT3.15 for what it is, do my work in it, nudge the tempo's forward/back (a bit like an oldschool DJ would do, to beat match) but when it comes down to the final recordings, load up the mod in OctaMEDs and sync it hard that way. I do love that PT workflow though. (not that OctaMED isn't bad, I mean... I grew up with OctaMED!)

So yeah gonna cancel this request.

Originally Posted by Agilent View Post
If its
1. "not that hard"
2. "just edit some source code"

Why don't you just do it your self…..
yeah I understand now bro. wish I could code but it's a whole 'nutha ball game as they say.
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