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Floppy disk I'm willing to give out £64 to anyone who can mod protracker 3.15 with MIDI sync!

I was gonna use the H word but used 'mod' instead as it's under copyright to
Cyptoburners 1993. and I don't wanna get into trouble. maybe I can even contact them and ask them but I have no idea if they're still around

So yeah, just like what OctaMED does, a simple stop/start MIDI clock lock. I tried running 2 protrackers with the same tempo and with testing (of a metronome click sound), after about 10 or so patterns, one of the amiga's will just be ahead slightly (or behind) and it will get wider and wider apart as the song goes on.

I know some one's gonna come along and go, well, why don't you just use OctaMED then, well I much prefer the workflow of the sampler section in PT. and I think the VU scopes look cooler lol.

EDIT: oh and for an extra £64, get that filter section working too. They put it in there like they were a meant to finish it but it's clearly UN-finished, you press 'do it' and it does nothing put blink a bright colour. That filter thing actually looks sick! it's got all the different types of filter LPF/HPF etc with ramps and stuff.
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