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Hi Jimmy. I'll be releasing files just as soon as I can check hole dimensions/diameters with a real board. I think we all want different things that's why I'd rather make a base version and people can branch off in their own directions. There may still be errors in the schematics I've done but the way I see it I'll saved anyone who uses the files about 3-4weeks of work by doing the monotonous stuff.

I know very little about creating electronic circuits, I just learned to use Kicad and the rest is just following the plans (schematics). I think anyone on this forum could do it if they learn to use Kicad and dedicate the time. Like I said in the original post it was Kai's memory converter board that inspired me to have a go with KiCad trying to make one myself.

I quite like the 2MB onboard memory and direct all CPU signals to the expansion connector idea myself but I'm not sure if I could do it, looking at the Amiga 500 schematics for the Zorro connector there's a few capacitors coming off some of the signals and I have no idea why. Why do capacitors/resistors even exist?

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