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You should look up the datasheet for the PSU and check the minimum current loadings for each rail (esp. 12V, 5V, 3.3V). If there is a minimum specified you need to ensure you have a load that will draw sufficient current for the supply, or it may not turn on (they are all different).

Often adding an old mechanical! HDD is enough to load the 12V line allowing the PSU to turn on. The Amiga will usually draw enough on the 5V line. If there is a minimum on the 3.3V rail you will need a dummy load on it. Most ATX PSU's expect a PC to draw a lot on the 3.3V line, while 3.3V is unused on the Amiga.

Other 'proper' solutions for dummy loads are power resistors (calculate values based on minimum load) across each power rail, and maybe some way to dissipate that heat if necessary.

The above doesn't really explain why your PSU starts completely unloaded (though you may find it will shutdown after a little while) but it's an area I would be investigating...
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