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Originally Posted by 005AGIMA View Post
I'd argue that's a perfectly good thing to want.
Only if I had to choose, because of limited coders, artists & musicians.

My main point was that there is more variety of games on the Amiga than Arcade/Console.

In other words; Amiga isn't inferior, in my eyes, just because it doesn't port every arcade game perfectly.

Originally Posted by 005AGIMA View Post
It's a topic all of it's own.
This thread will 'out run' the other duplicate threads without being any closer to a product. Mostly to discuss whether the Amiga can or cannot do the job.

Even though it sounds simple, it's still a tall order.

Think of it this way, this is like a "Help Wanted" ad, but nobody answers. The request is very popular, but there just isn't anyone available to take the job.
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