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Here is another idea:

This Idea was for a bomberman clone project and every object has a maximum size of 16x16pixels. I used an array of pointers(a collision array). Each entry for a 16x16 pixel field. Every object (player, bomb or whatever) was written to this array. If an object has got a screen position like (X=150,Y=100 upper left corner) then I wrote this to this array[(150/16)+((100/16)*20{320/16})] . If there was already a pointer, I linked this object to the existing one (a single linked list). Every time a object moves you have to update this collision array (worst case delink object from list and link to a new list), but you have drastically less checks. I had only to check 4 entries (left upper corner to right lower corner, and okay you have to check more objects, if many objects are on the same field) of this array. I tested this algorithm with more than 320 objects at the same time and it was really fast

May be you can adjust this idea somehow to your shoot'em up game. May be you can use a 8x8 collision map (not with pointers, only indicate if there is a bullet or not) for the bullets and every enemy has to look up, if it is shot.
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